Healing Journey® Extra Services

Comprehensive Medical Insurance

We have designed a specialized complication insurance. It´s coverage addresses potential risks and unforeseen circumstances specific to medical tourism, including emergency medical expenses and treatment complications. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are protected throughout your medical journey.

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Travel Arrangements

Our selected accommodations are conveniently located within a maximum of 15 minutes from healthcare facilities and in the heart of the city. We ensure that our partnered hotels have extensive experience catering to the unique needs of health travellers for their comfort.

We provide hassle-free transportation for our patients. From airport pickups to transfers between hotels and healthcare facilities, we ensure a smooth and comfortable journey. Upon arrival, our patients are warmly greeted by a dedicated member of our International Patient Department team, ensuring a familiar and friendly face is there to assist.

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Interpretation services

We communicate in your native language. Our professional interpreters, fluent in your mother tongue, accompany you throughout your medical journey. With their support, you can confidently communicate your needs and concerns, ensuring an unparalleled level of comfort and understanding. Trust us to bridge the language gap and make your experience truly personalised.

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Visa Travel Services

We help expedite the visa process and ensure a hassle-free experience. We handle the paperwork, so you can concentrate on your well-being.

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Air Ambulance

In case of emergency, Healing Journey is prepared to arrange air ambulance services for our patients through our reliable partners. With a focus on safety and efficiency, we ensure prompt and secure transportation to Turkey for your urgent medical needs. Trust our dedicated team to coordinate your air ambulance transfer, providing peace of mind during critical times on your path to healing.

Why Healing Journey®

We will always be with you on your healing journey, evey stepe of the way!

Advanced Physicians Allocation

We explore all options for you.

Adhering To International Regulations

Compliance with rigorous international regulations

Newest technologies

Access to state-of-the-art medical technologies for more effective results.

24/7 Personalized Approach

A designated point of contact who manages your medical journey.

Continuous support

and guidance throughout your medical journey with meticulious follow ups.

Air Ambulance

In case of emergency

Is Medical Travelling For You?
Let´s Find Out Together!

Take a small step today for possible future transformation!

Is medical travelling for you?
Let´s Find Out Together!

Take a small step today for possible future transformation!
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