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Premier Healthcare Facilitator
Personalized Care and Support
Prioritizing Well-Being

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Established in 2013, Healing Journey® Medical Travel offers a trusted, personalized approach to healthcare tourism.
As a Ministry of Health-certified agency, we offer premier mediation for diverse treatments in Turkey.
Experience our support, excellence, and life-changing transformations, prioritizing your well-being.
Let Healing Journey® be your partner in the pursuit of
renewed health and confidence.
High-quality medical care delivered by experienced professionals. We offer a wide range of treatments and procedures to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.
Travel with peace of mind knowing you’re covered by our comprehensive medical insurance. Our policies are tailored to meet the unique needs of medical travelers.
We help facilitate the medical visa process so you can focus on what really matters – your health. Our team of experts ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience.
From flights and accommodation to local transportation, we take care of all your travel needs. Our personalized approach ensures a stress-free journey.
Our air ambulance service provides fast and efficient medical transport in case of emergency. Our team of medical professionals is dedicated to ensuring your safety and well-being.
Healing Journey® Starts Here...
Sincerity , Trust , Safety
Health tourism is a comprehensive journey that begins even before patients arrive in Turkey. While hospitals primarily focus on surgical and medical procedures, the healing process encompasses pre-operative measures, aftercare, and meticulous follow-up. Immediate assistance is crucial when questions or issues arise. This is where Healing Journey® steps in, offering close patient monitoring and support at all stages, from the first contact to post-treatment. We conduct detailed medical evaluations and provide unwavering, personalized care from the moment our patients arrive, covering the entire recovery time.
Join us on this Healing Journey!

Discover the Answers:
Your Health Journey FAQs Uncovered

Explore our FAQ section, featuring video and text answers to common inquiries, ensuring you have comprehensive information for an informed healthcare decision.
Most businesses will require one or more licenses to start and operate legally in Türkiye. To perform medical tourism in Türkiye, you must be authorized by the Ministry of Health with an International Health Tourism Authorisation Certificate, and you must be an A licensed Travel Agency to obtain this authorization. If a medical travel company does not have the necessary licenses and registrations, this is a huge red flag that should be ignored. Healing Journey Medical Travel is a licenced Travel Agency and holds the International Health Tourism Authorisation Certificate. This means that we are controlled both by the Ministerium of Health and the Ministerium of Culture and Tourism.
Look for pictures or information about the owner/management and staff on the website. Is it clear who runs the company? The names and even qualifications of the company’s management and key staff are usually clear enough for first-time visitors to get a basic sense of the company’s offerings. The management and staff from Healing Journey consist of medical doctors and professionals, who have extended experience about the healthcare system and the treatment plan organisation. While our medical management ensures that the treatment plans are ethical, and that they are suitable for the true needs of the patient, the organisational management takes care even about the smallest detail of the organisation, so everything runs smoothly according to the treatment plan, which is tailored exactly for the needs of the patient.
Find out from the facilitator what standards its network of healthcare providers were chosen. Are healthcare professionals certified? Most importantly, did the facilitator tour the facilities and give a review? As we are authorised by the Ministerium of Health for Health Tourism, we must collaborate with healthcare providers, who have the same authorisation. While all healthcare providers are controlled and inspected by the Ministerium of Health, they must meet some strict criteria’s for accepting patients for health tourism. Healing Journey is collaborating only with healthcare providers with this authorisation. While our medical management is inspecting them from the medical side, the organisational management manages and controls the operational aspects each of them.
Our services go beyond discounts and special treatment. It is crucial to realise that our carefully chosen partners’ high-quality care is not compromised by our inexpensive costs. Modern hospitals serve as all of our affiliate hospitals. Our Medical team personally visited and inspected each hospital and lodging facility to see that it complied with our stringent requirements and passed our quality assurance tests before adding it to our exclusive network of affiliates.
Ask to see the patient contract you will need to sign. If the grey areas are not clarified before departure, you may find yourself making extra, unplanned expenses or even hiring another travel company to offer other services you thought were covered. Healing Journey contract clearly states the scope of services being offered and is transparent as to what services are included or excluded. There is a clear payment refund policy. It is in clear terms in describing cancellation and refund policies and what your offerings are covered.
We specify on the Medical Treatment Package offer what you need to pay for your treatment package. But many of the expenses of a medical tourism trip will be the same as those of a “normal” trip or vacation. At the very minimum, you will need to budget for airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation requirements and meals. If your treatment package includes hotel and transfer, you may spend that amount on sightseeing tours, souvenirs, or private expenses.
Your personal & health data is protected by the personal data protection law. The mission is to ensure the protection of personal data and develop awareness in this respect in the public eye in line with the fundamental rights related to privacy and freedom stated in the Constitution as well as to establish an environment to enhance the capability of competition of the public and private organisations in the data-driven world.
Healing Journey is offering complication insurance to their patients to back you up! Although the medical team performs always at the top performance, sometimes there is a need to fix an issue. At that time, it is important, that your flight, hotel, and retreatment are backed up by a serious insurance company. Cardiovascular, orthopaedic, hair transplant, plastic surgery, obesity surgery, and gynaecology surgery insurance plans are available. At Healing Journey, we do not allow any empty spaces for your safety.
Yes, you can. Send us your relevant medical information from the relevant page of your desired treatment or surgery. We will send this data to our trusted medical network to get a treatment plan tailored just for you. If you have questions, your patient coordinator will be happy to organize a video meeting with your doctor.
Healing Journey provides detailed package deals according to your needs. After the evaluation of your medical data to establish a treatment plan for you, we prepare all aspects of your healing journey for a seamless and enjoyable medical trip to Turkey.

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